Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Inception Title Sequence Test1

 First draft of Inception title sequence. 

Second Landscape “sketch” Piece— In Progress


    This piece is meant to expand on the idea of the previous piece (the steeple appliqué) by being larger (4X4) and more complex in terms of detail and the different layers that have to be worked with. 

    The original drawing for this piece comes from a drawing I did in the winter of 2017 in the first volume of journals that I began to keep on a daily basis since my first semester in college. I am now on volume 27. The drawing was done in my town of origin, Newark, Delaware in the neighborhood behind my childhood home. I thought that it was a good contrast to the Steeple piece in that it seems more ominous and reflects my feeling towards the place where I grew up. 

    I had to modify the drawing, redraw it essentially, as the original sketch was so small. The colors in that new sketch, shown below are not accurate to the fiber colors that I would like to use, but serve to distinguish the different layers of the drawing so that I could effectively transfer the sketch to tracing paper. I show a photo of the back of the piece for a starting reference as to the colors I have chosen to use so far.  

Saturday, February 20, 2021

Ideas for my exhibition set up

For the set up for my exhibition I would like to display some of the objects in various places either on one of those pedestal things with a case or along the wall in baggies. I'm think I would like to do both and just keep most of the small items in the baggies. I would also like to print out some of the photographs and line them up on the wall with the objects in the baggies placed in a line underneath. To display my cards, business cards, and catalog, I would like to have a table or another one of those pedestal things for them. 

Vintage Antique Collections - Catalog

I put together the already edited photos I had and put them together in this catalog. The idea is to show the photo/photos and place text with them. I am thinking that I am going to put just a small blurb of text about the object and then use the QR code and put another blurb of text saying to check out the site to learn more. The QR code then brings the person to the page specifically to that object. There they will learn about the history or any other details I can find about the object. 

Vintage Antique Collection - Card Design

I was playing around with an idea I had for a card. I would print out them out in bulk to present at my exhibition next to my business cards. This card is basically just a way for people to know where they can find the website and Instagram. I created a couple of QR codes that bring the person to both sites. 

Thursday, February 18, 2021

Story Boards. pt1

Start of Ending Sequence, visualizes the idea of dreams within dreams and the many layers that the film contains. I was thinking that the negative and positive space could transform into important objects, scenes or characters in the film.

Top of Jewelry Box photo - Edited 3 ways

 All of these photographs have the same brightness and contrast added to them but all display different color effects. I used photoshop and changed the hue on them and played around with the curves, levels, and photo filter. The idea was to create an old photograph effect. I have three different versions to display my idea of what kind of filter I want.